Benefit from coconut

Coconut water has almost all the nutrients it needs for the body, many vitamins and minerals. Stems, roots, shells, coconut skins also bring a lot of benefits. Join with coconut Siamese Viconut learn more about the benefits of coconut trees through the following article.

Coconut water can support many kinds of diseases.
Children with diarrhea are encouraged to drink coconut milk. Coconut skin beauty, silky smooth hair. The young coconut (soft as jelly) contains many enzymes good for digestion. Also used to treat stomach ulcers, hepatitis, diabetes mellitus, dysentery, hemorrhoids. Polysaccharide of coconut water stimulates immunity against tuberculosis.

Drinking coconut milk is good for your health
The young green coconut juice is called “vegetable mineral water” because it contains many essential minerals for the body. Sugar in coconut water is easy to digest, vitamin C enough for one day. Water in coconut 6-7 weeks is the most delicious and nutritious. Coconut water was used as an infusion during World War II and the Vietnam War.

Peruvian scientists use anti-malarial coconut: shelling the bark, putting cotton stalks impregnated with a bacterium that feeds on larvae of anopheles mosquitoes, tighten it and then let it into salt water for 2-3 days for bacteria to eat. The nutrients of coconut that proliferate. Pour the coconut water into ponds, swamps, bacteria that will kill mosquitoes that infect malaria by eating them.

In the Philippines, coconut is considered as spring food (called Nata). Coconut nata contains coconut water, sugar, vinegar and “water” (containing bacteria that help ferment). Former Philippine President Fidel Ramos said that thanks to his daily diet, he was as young as he was at the age of 20. Nata has become a high-profile dessert in Japan and is believed to have a protective effect on cancer.

Coconut is considered as spring food
Coconut water is also used to preserve sperm of humans and animals in the state of “abundant health”, avoid freezing to reduce fertility.

Other parts of the coconut tree such as green skin, outer fibers are used to wash the wound, burns, eczema, erosion. Hard shell (coconut skull) burns to the charcoal diarrhea, anti-radiation. Young fleas eat food. Older oil pressure, broken bone, cosmetic. Coconut root, hemostatic, diuretic and many other common diseases

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