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Coconut With Ring Lid

Drink coconut with the design with a ring lid

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Round Shell Coconut

All the outside coconut fiber is removed

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Coconut Chips

New taste from coconut, delicious crunchy

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Viconut Milk Powder

Viconut Coconut Milk is a great choice for you

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Coconut Coffee

The combination of Western Highlands coffee and Ben Tre coconut

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Coconut Cracker

Speaciality of Quang, delicious from the traditional taste

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Coconut Candy

Traditional favor of Ben Tre’s coconut with candy favor

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Viconut Oil

Cold pressing technology to keep the highest nutritional content

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Fresh Food from Coconut


  New style from Viconut

VICONUT is a luxury brand for coconut products, espicilly the fresh coconut from Ben Tre. All Viconut products are manifactured on modern chain, high technology is applied in order to maintain 100% natural nutrition.

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What are the uses of coconut juice for pregnant mother?

Coconut water is considered to be beneficial for pregnant women, but also is warned about the risk of miscarriage due to this drink.

Who should drink coconut water?

People with kidney disease, using antibiotics, uncontrolled diabetes, adrenal failure, burns … should not drink coconut water.

How to choose coconut having delicious water?

If you want to drink fresh and delicious coconut water, should choose small coconut, little water, fresh shell. For someone who likes to drink young coconut can use the hand to flick on the coconut. If you hear the bass, it’s the young coconut and thin meat..

Should drink coconut water at night?

Viconut advices that you should use coconut water in the morning, noon or early afternoon. Because evening is the time when your body needs to relax, resting after a day of tired activities. If you drink coconut water in the evening, your body will be cold.

Khách hàng của dừa tươi sạch Viconut

I was so surprised at TP. Da Nang has a factory that produces Ben Tre coconuts, which are clean and pure products, it does not affect the coconut inside, creating different shapes, it’s delicates.

Tuan Nguyen
Khách hàng của dừa tươi Viconut

I use Coconut Coffee from Viconut, my experience is so great. New products guarantee quality, i advise all should try, taste very special.

MyXuan Ngo Nguyen
Khách hàng của dừa tươi Viconut

Products are very dilicious & advance. I love them! I’ll recommend them for my family, my friends.

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